Incense Sticks

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Shiva Shellac & Chemicals is the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of fine quality Incense Sticks. We manufacture and export a wide variety of Incense Sticks to cater to different needs. Our Incense sticks are composed of high grade, aromatic biotic material, which releases fragrant smoke when burned. Shiva Shellac & Chemicals uses purest aromatic plant materials and combines them with essential oils, to enhance the quality of the product. We have unparalleled expertise in aroma technology and our sticks have a high burning quality.

Uses :
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation

Types :
  • 8 inch Incense Sticks (1000 - 1200 Sticks Per K.G)
  • 9 Inch Incense Sticks (900 - 1100 Sticks Per K.G)

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