We are one of the most trusted brand amongst leading Seedlac Manufacturers. We also export complete range of pure Indian Seedlac on very economical rates and famed amongst some of the largest Seedlac Suppliers and Exporters. We select best quality Sticklac and crushed and sieved it to remove impurities. We have adequate arrangements to manufacture superior quality Seedlac. All grades are available in our vast range of our best quality Seedlac such as Genuine Bysaki, Manbhum Fine Bysaki, Fine Bysaki, Golden kusmi, Kusmi and Golden Bysaki etc.


Genuine Bysaki Seelac Manufacturer and Exporter

Genuine Bysaki Seedlac is our one of the highly popular grades of seedlac. Our Genuine Bysaki contains 5 to 7 percent of matter insoluble in hot alcohol. The amount of ash and bleach index is kept as per the requirements of the customer.


Manbhum Fine Bysaki Seedlac Manufacturer and Exporter

Our Manbhum Fine Bysaki Seedlac consists of 3% to 4% of matter insoluble in hot alcohol as essential ingredient. As optional ingredients, it may consist of 5.5 % of wax, 1% matter insoluble in water and bleach index & ash as per the customer specifications.


Fine Bysaki Seedlac Manufacturer and Exporter

The Fine Bysaki Seedlac provided by us has the capability of marking an unerasable impact on the user. The amount of matter insoluble in the hot alcohol used to manufacture our Fine Bysaki Seedlac ranges from 3% to 5%.


Golden Kusmi Seedlac Manufacturer and Exporter

The high and incomparable quality of our Golden Kusmi Seedlac has been a matter of pride for us. Our Golden Kusmi seedlac has enabled us to gather a lots of trust and honor all over the India.


Kusmi Seedlac Manufacturer and Exporter

Consisting of 3 to 5 percent of matter insoluble in hot alcohol, our Kusmi Seedlac has no suitable alternative available in today's sophisticated market. Our Kusmi Seedlac is provided at the most reasonable prices.


Golden Bysaki Seedlac Manufacturer and Exporter

The Golden Bysaki making part of our collection has been prepared by using highest quality raw material. Our Golden Bysaki Seedlac comes with a maximum color index of 8 and 2.5% of volatile matter.